Emma Woodhouse’s Instagram

Here it is!

I tried to encapsulate Emma Woodhouse with this assignment. I used hashtags on each post since that’s the way you gain followers and popularity on a platform like Instagram, and we all know Emma would be obsessed with this facet of modern social media. I tried to think of a few quotidian things that Emma would post about- like dressing Mr. Knightly up, taking a bath out of boredom, making breakfast for her father- as well as her connections with and care for others. And, the first photo is actually one of my own photographs too!


1 thought on “Emma Woodhouse’s Instagram”

  1. Manda,
    I really love Emma’s Instagram feed–especially the ironic (very Austenian!) byline about her own modesty. 🙂 The several images that you curated offered a glimpse into Emma’s priorities, passions, and personal projects. The invitation for John and Isabella’s wedding was particularly lovely, as was your own photograph.
    I hope that you enjoyed this assignment; it was a pleasure to hear your voice in class conversations, and I wish you the best of luck in your future literary adventures!


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