A Homebody Gentleman’s Menu (inspired by Emma)

Woodhouse Weekly Menu


  • Roasted lamb, root vegetables (potatoes, carrots, parsnip, mushroom), freshly baked bread, apple tart, wine


  • Egg atop a bed of roast root vegetables (left-over from Sunday roast), left over bread, custard, wine


  • North Wiltshire, Stilton cheese, boiled potatoes, boiled eggs, wine


  • Fish soup, freshly baked bread, boiled oats and molasses, wine


  • Baked ham, mushrooms, beet-root, custard, wine


  • Haddock over rice, boiled brussel sprouts, pear tart, wine


  • Blood pudding (from leftover pig), roasted potatoes, toast and jam, wine


*as prepared by a cook and containing meat most days due to economic status


1 thought on “A Homebody Gentleman’s Menu (inspired by Emma)”

  1. Manda, thanks for this culinary glimpse into the Woodhouse household! I appreciated your attention to the fact that the Woodhouses would have been able to afford meat, unlike some of Highbury’s other citizens (e.g., the Bates–it’s interesting to note the scene in which they have been sent a shoulder of pork). Also, the Sunday evening meal sounds divine! Happy reading…Best, Nora


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